The Ultimate Travel Guide for Amalfi Coast

Things to Know Before Visiting

Amalfi Coast

I have heard so many of my family and friends tell me that Amalfi coast is their dream vacation ands its #1 on their bucket list, BUT it is too expensive and unrealistic.

Yes, Amalfi Coast is known for being luxurious and expensive. And yes it is where all the celebs go to vacation,  but let me tell ya… from traveling to Amalfi Coast five times, you could say I know the ins and outs of this beautiful southern Italian destination. It IS possible to travel here without emptying your wallet. You don’t need to wait until you’re older or until you have thousands of dollars saved up to list here. Follow along my guide to see how you can travel here affordable while having an amazing time. 


Positano is known for it’s colorful cliffside buildings, charming beaches, and seafood pasta. By far, the most beautiful place I have been. I mean just look at it! I have been here 5 times, and this view never gets old. You should definitely try to stay here for a couple of day so you can experience all of this stunning little Italian town. 


How to get to Positano

This is where things can get complicated, so make sure you know how youre getting to your before. We landed in Naples, Italy.  We used MyDayTrip to get from Naples to Positano. and paid 58 euros (for two adults). The customer service was great and the driver was so friendly! We shared a van with two couples.  The drive was about 1hr and 15 minutes. There are no trains that will get you to Positano, but there is a train from Rome or Naples Airport to a town nearby, Sorrento. Another option would be to take a ferry from Naples to Sorrento, and then take a smaller ferry to Positano. 

Where to Stay in Positano

We stayed at a small family ran hotel, Florida Residence. It was 152USD/night which included daily breakfast. The staff was beyond welcoming and greeted us with open arms. Our room had a beautiful balcony overlooking the ocean. I highly recommend this place if you are traveling on a budget. Most places in Positano start at 300 euros a night. To get to the beach, it was about a 15-20 minute walk through the town and stunning views.  On our last day, we were able to store our bags at the reception while we explored a bit more before leaving to the airport. 

Where to eat in Positano

Vini & Panini

I absolutely rave about this place! It is a little grocery in the heart of Positano. They have the best paninis I have ever had and my mouth is drooling as I type. Their pesto mozzarella and prosciutto is just *chefs kiss*. Its a perfect meal to just bring to the beach. You can never go wrong with a panini…especially this one! Incase you were wondering (or weren’t), here is what I put in my panini: prosciutto, pesto, mozzarella, tomato, and lettuce.

Restaurante Bruno

The perfect place for a date night overlooking the famous positano view. When the sun sets, you can see all of the lights from the buildings and it is absolutely magical. I ordered the Frutti de mare which was a seafood pasta with a thick spaghetti. You can find pastas here for about 15-25 euros.

Things to do in Positano

Rent a Boat 

The highlight of this trip was by FAR the boat rental. It was a last minute and spontaneous idea. We walked to the beach and went to one of the rental booths, Boat Charter Lucibello.  You can walk up and rent a boat, no boating license was required, only a driver license. We paid $200 for 4 hours. This was just enough time to stroll along to Amalfi and all the way to the Capri Arch and back. This is such a unique way to explore the coast of Amalfi! 

Relax at Positano Spiaggia Beach

A perfect sunny day in Positano would not be complete with a dip in the sea. Grab your panini and just relax on the beach. You can bring a towel and lay on the ground or you can rent lounge chairs which can get pretty pricey (especially during high season). Beware the beach has pebbles and not sand, so make sure to wear sandals. 


Capri is an island off of the Amalfi Coast, known for it’s luxury hotels, shopping, blue water, and overall beauty. Capri can be very expensive, so if you’re looking to not break your bank account, I suggest just doing a day trip here! 

How to get to Capri

There are many different ways to get to Capri. If you are a Kardashian, you can just fly your private jet there. If you’re trying to travel on a budget like myself, then I would suggest taking a public ferry from either Positano or Sorento. 

What to do in Capri

Chair Lift to Monte Solaro

Once you arrive in Anacapri, you can take a chair lift for only 12 euros up to Monte Solaro. Monte Solaro is the highest point in Capri at almost 2,000 feet. This chair lift is one single chair and it takes about 15 minutes to get to the top. It is my favorite thing to do in Capri because the views are insane. Once you get to the top, you can walk around a bit to soak up the views or get something to eat. 


All of the five times I have visited Capri, it has only been a day trip so I have had the chance to try many restaurants. This restaurant is in the heart of Anacapri and is right next to the chair lift. Not to mention, it is an affordable price. I got the lemon shrimp pasta and it was 

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is one of the world’s wonders. At Marina Grande, they offer many tours there. It costs 14 euros for the entrance. They will take you on a boat and once you get closer to the Blue Grotto, you will go onto a smaller wooden boat with an Italian skipper. He will take you through a tiny cave (you will have to duck) and once you’re inside, it is nothing but magical. It is like you are entering another world. It is the brightest and most beautiful blue water I have ever seen. It looks like the water is filled with a million blue glow sticks. While you’re in there, your skipper will start singing and it echos quite magically. It is definitely something everyone should experience in their lifetime. Unfortunately, sometimes it might be closed because the seas can be too rough or too high and therefore you cannot get in the cave. 

Buy Handmade Sandals

All of the five times I have visited Capri, it has only been a day trip so I have had the chance to try many restaurants. This restaurant is in the heart of Anacapri and is right next to the chair lift. Not to mention, it is an affordable price. I got the lemon shrimp pasta and it was 


You cannot visit Capri without seeing the famous Faragloni rock. 

Try Lemon Pasta at La Arcarte

A trip to Capri is not complete without lemon pasta. 

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